Re:You Health provides administrative support and facilities to the private practices of our bariatric medical practitioners


The clinic aims to provide you with an individualised evidence-based management program for your weight.

Everybody is different and we will provide a plan that suits YOU and then guide you through the implementation of the plan

You are eligible if your BMI is over 27

At your first appointment, you will be seen by a bariatric doctor who is a General Practitioner with extensive experience in metabolic medicine and bariatric care.

Your bariatric doctor will spend 45-60minutes assessing your medical history and discussing all of the possible options for your individual situation. You will be referred for tests which will usually include blood tests and an ECG, you may also be referred for other more specialised tests, for example a sleep study.

Your bariatric doctor will see you again after a couple of weeks. They will go through the results of all of your tests and devise a treatment plan which may include low calorie diets, weight loss medications, endoscopic therapies or bariatric surgery. Your doctor will help you to implement this plan and regularly follow up your progress.

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Costs for allied health practitioners or bariatric surgical care will depend on your chosen path. Your bariatric doctor can give you information regarding these costs.

This will depend on your individual plan, but remember that lifestyle modification is the foundation for any treatment program, so you will usually see a dietitian and exercise physiologist. You may also be referred to a psychologist.

In addition to this, if you are considering surgical options you will be referred to a bariatric surgeon and team, however Re:You will then continue to follow you up for at least 2 years following your operation. Re:You doctors work closely with Australian Metabolic and Obesity Surgery.

This depends on your chosen path and how your weight loss is progressing.

Pharmaceutical options usually require a 6-12 month program, whilst bariatric surgery requires close follow up for a minimum of 2 years.

Remember that obesity is a chronic condition and will require monitoring even in the maintenance phase. This follow up will be decided by you and your bariatric doctor, and may also involve your own regular GP.

No. Re:You doctors are specifically managing weight issues. Regular general practitioners are perfectly placed to provide patients with advice on lifestyle modification and weight management options, however there is limited time in the standard consultation at GP clinics, and they often lack allied health support. Re:You can provide assistance to your GP by coordinating the weight management strategy, whilst your GP continues to manage your general health. We will continue to communicate with your GP and any specialists that may be managing some of your chronic health conditions.

Many people have had bariatric surgery with inadequate follow up and have regained weight. There are still many options that can assist you. Re:You are there to Re-engage:You, we can help get your weight loss back on track.

It doesn’t matter who performed your surgery or which bariatric operation you have had, it also doesn’t matter how long ago this operation was. We are experienced in all aspects of bariatric surgery and can assist.

We perform lapband adjustments and can assess whether your band is still working effectively.