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Our story

Teresa and Zanna have been working together at Australian Metabolic and Obesity Surgery since 2015.

The idea of a GP lead weight management clinic providing patients with unbiased, evidence-based information about their options evolved from there.

Their aim was to educate patients on the chronic nature of obesity, and then to empower them to take control with a program individually tailored to suit them.

In 2017 Teresa was diagnosed with breast cancer, but was empowered by people around her to stay positive, fit and healthy through her extensive treatment. Through this she realised that people with weight issues require the same support. Zanna is no stranger to medical issues, having been diagnosed with PCOS whilst undergoing investigations for infertility. She knows firsthand how important health and lifestyle modification are to positive health outcomes.

Teresa has finished all of her treatment, is fit and healthy and plans to stay in remission. Following IVF treatment, Zanna now has three beautiful daughters.

As directors of Re:You they bring a wealth of knowledge to the clinic, but also empathy and understanding.

Re:You continue to work with the team at Australian Metabolic and Obesity Surgery ( and as well as independently at Adelaide Exercise Physiology (

They also receive support for their patients from a number of psychologists including Chris Thompson, Makella Holden and Jennifer Kemp.