Re:You Health provides administrative support and facilities to the private practices of our bariatric medical practitioners

Carmel Cantone Accredited Dietitian

Carmel, the founder of Nutritional You (Nu.You), is a qualified and accredited dietitian and nutritionist, who is passionate and committed to helping her clients who are struggling with weight loss, transform into their 'new you'. Completing her Masters of Dietetics at UniSA in 2014, and specialising in weight management and bariatric surgery for over 7 years, Carmel has become a trusted and well-experienced health professional in the weight loss and bariatric field.

What sets her apart is her ethos and drive to not only help her clients lose weight but to also empower them to find their happiest and healthiest selves, through meaningful and sustainable practices. She is well-known for her understanding, kind and practical nature, and utilising mindset to achieve successful outcomes. Carmel's niches include behaviour/habit change; emotional eating, binge, plus night eating; chronic health conditions (eg fatty liver/PCOS/diabetes), gut health and conditions.

In her free time, she loves listening to music, spending time with her friends and family and travelling whilst enjoying the most delicious food and wine!